Bengt Braskered


Bengt Braskered

Bengt is a professional actor with many years’ experience. The tv-series “A Royal Affair” (SVT) is the first of Bengt’s scripts to be filmed. He currently develops scripts for several television and cinema projects.


Script and development - TV series/SVT

Synopsis & pilot– TV series/Commissioned by a production company

Two feature films


Bengt Braskered - CV

A Royal Affair, TV series, StellaNova Film, SVT

Actor, Film/TV (A selection 2010-2022)
2022 Beck, TV series, Filmlance/TV4
2021 Knackningar (Knocking), feature, Läskfilm/Cinema
2021 A Royal Affair, TV series, StellaNova Film/SVT
2021 Knutby, TV series, B-reel films/Netflix
2021 Den osannolika mördaren (The unlikely murderer), TV series, FLX/Netflix
2021 Agatha Christie’s Hjerson, TV series, Jarowskij/TV4
2020 Maria Wern, TV series, Filmlance/TV4
2020 Tsunami, TV series, Filmlance/SVT
2018 Sthlm Requiem, TV series, Black Spark Film/Netflix
2018 The Agents, TV series, Baluba/SVT
2018 Greyzone, TV series, Cosmofilm/TV2 Denmark
2016-17 Syrror (Nurses), TV series, BOB film/TV4
2015 Jordskott, TV series, Palladium Fiction/SVT
2015 Blue Eyes, TV series, Strix Drama/SVT
2014 Thicker Than Water, TV series, Nice Drama/SVT
2014 The Sandhamn Murders, TV series, Filmlance/TV4
2013 Wallander, TV series, Yellowbird/TV4
2013 Molanders, TV series, Nordvision/SVT
2013 Incognito, TV series, Tre Vänner/SVT
2012 Odjuret TV film, SVT
2012 Gustafsson 3tr, TV series, Jarowskij/TV4
2011 Anno 1790, TV series, Pampas/SVT
2010 Solsidan, TV series, FLX/TV4

Actor, Theatre
82 plays over 30 years at theatres such as The Royal Dramatic Theatre, Stockholm City Theatre, Uppsala City Theatre and Darling Desperados.