About us

The Team

Malou T Schultzberg
Malou has a long career and education within the Film industry. For 20 years Malou has been running a Casting Company as well as directing, writing and producing. To scout and coach new talent and promote established actors on suitable markets, are some of Malou’s biggest passions.

Agent & Co Founder
Jonas Tallroth
Jonas has a long background within the field of Human Resources at a high level in global companies, where talent management has been one of the main pillars of success. Further to that Jonas has solid experience in contractual matters. Jonas has lived many years abroad, gaining experience from both cultural awareness and different languages.

Anna Modén
Before joining Schultzberg Agency, Anna worked as a freelance production manager and coordinator. She has worked on all kinds of projects; from low budget Music Videos to high end Commercials and large feature Films and TV-series. She has also lived many years both in the UK and Australia.

PR & Social Media
Ida Bosson
Ida is a former elite sports coach and has an education in Customer Relationship Management. She is in charge of Social Media and PR.

Head of Communication
Lotta Schlingmann
Lotta has extensive experience from managing communications and brands in both Swedish and global companies, for example in the TV-industry. Today she works as an advisor within all disciplines of communication.

Legal Affairs Manager
Jens Göthberg
Jens has worked as an entertainment lawyer since 2002 and is specialized in legal matters concerning contracts, negotiations, litigation and rights management within eg. Film, TV, Music and Publishing. Jens Göthberg is our legal affairs manager on a consultancy basis.

Schultzberg Drama

All actors at Schultzberg Drama are experienced drama actors with solid experience from professional Film/TV Productions. Many of them have mixed ethnicities and therefore multiple languages. Most of our actors have a well-respected acting education as well as a strong reel.

Commercial Actors

All profiles represented on are proven and experienced actors. Each actor is handpicked in order to safeguard a top-quality delivery within the field of commercial productions. Many of these actors also have solid experience from Film and Television projects.

Schultzberg Management

Within Schultzberg Management, we work with actors represented by both departments, promoting their work in different ways, with the aim to get the actors to the next level in their careers domestically and internationally.
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